Eddie 8-11 years


18 books read
  • Fly fly witchy

    By Lucy Lawrence
    3 stars
  • Splat the cat - a whale of a tale

    By Rob Scotton
    2 stars
  • Shark attack

    By Julia March
    3 stars
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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    By Bright Eyes
    2 stars
  • The Boy and the Blue Moon

    By Sara O'Leary
    2 stars
  • The Rainforest

    By John Lockyer
    4 stars
  • Mr. Potty's Plums

    By Elizabeth Pullford
    2 stars
  • Hooray for Fly Guy

    By Tedd Arnold
    5 stars
  • Paddy's Christmas

    By Helen Monsell
    4 stars
  • From Head to Toe

    By Eric Carle
    1 stars
  • Frosty the Snowman

    By Annie North Bedford
    4 stars
  • The Pear in the Pear Tree

    By Pamela Allen
    1 stars
  • The Giving Tree

    By Shel Silverstein
    4 stars
  • Jingle Bells

    By Jan Lewis
    2 stars
  • People in your Neighbourhood

    By Jeffery
    1 stars
  • They All Saw a Cat

    By Brendan Wenzel
    2 stars
  • Greg! The Naughty Takake

    By Jennifer Hutchison
    3 stars
  • Father Christmas

    By Raymond Briggs
    5 stars

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