11 books read
  • Angus And Sadie

    By Cynthia Voigt
    5 stars
  • Jane Doe And The Cradle Of All Worlds

    By Jeremy Lachlan
    5 stars
  • Matilda

    By Roald Dahl
    4 stars
  • Anne Of Green Gables

    By Lucy Maud Montgomery
    5 stars
  • Murder At Twilight

    By Fluer Hitchcock
    5 stars
  • Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

    5 stars
  • Charlotte's Web

    By E. B. WHITE
    5 stars
  • The Dog Runner

    By Bren MacDibble
    5 stars
  • Dork Diaries

    By Rachel Renée Russell
    4 stars
  • The Last Kids On Earth

    By Max Brallier
    5 stars
  • Agatha Oddly The Silver Serpent

    By Lena Jones
    3 stars